Funnel Simplified combines customer insights, competitive landscape and marketing automation to scale your business on

Why Funnel Simplified?


Extension Of Your Team

We take end to end responsibility of your marketing goals. We are available when your team needs us, No call waiting.


Transparent & Measurable Results

Online advertising shouldn’t be a mystery. We speak simple language and explain to you how we generate optimum Return on Investment (ROI).

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Effective Data-backed Research

Goodbye assumptions! We do effective research which aligns your business goals and make sure your online advertisement is relevant.

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Advertising at Scale

Data-inspired campaign planning, human insights – We drive branding and scale your campaigns with personalized and data-driven insights.

About Us

We Help You Push Your Limits!

Funnel Simplified believes that if you hit the “peak” in your current Facebook and Google ads campaign and can’t seem to get past it or beat your best, you shouldn’t waste too much trying to figure out what to do next. We will help you take it up a notch and double your results. Your peak might just be our starting point. We are pretty good at identifying the gap in your sales funnel and optimize for better results. Before you know it, you are already several steps ahead of your competitors through quality traffic and unprecedented sales conversions.


We are Laser-Focused

We identify your audience and zoom in on them to ensure you get maximum results for every dollar spent. We are connectors in that we steer clear of irrelevant audiences and draw in prospects who would become customers, repeat customers, brand champions and ambassadors. This is one of our unique selling points at Funnel Simplified! We take irrelevancies out of the way.


We Help You Tell A Compelling Story

Funnel Simplified understands the need to align the right message with your audience. Have you been targeting multiple audiences or not sure if you are conveying value to your prospects? No worries, we will find the perfect listeners and tell them the story they will appreciate.

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Learn more about The process

Find out how your business can be ROI-positive within 30 days by having Funnel Simplified as your marketing partner.

We Do Online Advertising. We Do It Pretty Well.

With more than a decade of proven online advertising experience, we know how to create a paid marketing strategy that works for you.

Leads, Sales & Revenue

Every business has different needs. We strategically plan and execute paid media campaigns using an appropriate mix of media based to increase ROI of your marketing budget.

Digital-Centric Branding

We work with clients to transform their business into a brand that people value. Our branding experts translate complex ideas into a great experience that resonates with the target audiences.

Interest-Driven Sales Funnel

We plan, build and optimize sales funnels. We use cutting-edge marketing automation tools to connect, communicate and convert more leads into customers & maximize your revenue.

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